Industry: Agriculture

Structure Location: Winkler, Manitoba

Structure Size: 24′ x 40′

Structure Use: Tomato production for a market garden

Customer:  Fresh.GARDENCLUB    

Opportunity: After years of growing tomato plants outside, a garden club was looking a covered environment for their tomato production. With a greenhouse, the garden club could provide their customers with a better product that matures earlier and could avoid damaging weather and late season blight.

Solution: The QuickBuild K-Style Dome was selected for this greenhouse project because of its height and shape. The straight walls allowed the garden club to work or produce plants right next to the side walls. The height of the building gave them a lot of room to hang the plant kit with enough clearance and room to adjust it as necessary. The height offered by the K-Style also provided better air control, as excessive heat was allowed to rise up to the rafters, or released through vents. The customer’s biggest concern with indoor tomato production was that there could be a lot more disease pressure due to poor air movement. This was alleviated, however, by the  two large end-walls, with their door openings and vents that allow for controllable airflow through the building. A custom base rail was installed with removable corner supports, allowing for freedom of movement while working in the greenhouse. The supports are easy to re-install anytime they want to move the building. A custom building overhang was added for aesthetics, giving a warm inviting look to the building while providing some wind protection around the front doors. This also allows the club to decorate the front entrance and garden members can find a relaxing bench. Pull ropes were added to the structure so that the garden club could adjust the height of the plant kit to suit production needs. Finally, the structure was built on skis. The ‘schooner’ package gave the club the option to move the building to another location from one year to the next to discourage any buildup of disease in one particular location.


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