Industry: Recreational

Structure Location: Langley, British Columbia

Structure Size: 67’ x 120’

Structure Use: Indoor Tennis Court

Opportunity: The customer needed a covered tennis court to be able to bring professional coaches to their location rather than transporting their kids to various clinics throughout the Lower Mainland. They wanted a building that would keep them dry through the wet winter, but still be able to have an outdoor atmosphere during the Spring & Summer. The structure needed to have a 35’ interior height to meet the standard regulations of an indoor court height.

Solution:  With a custom design truss we were able to give them the interior height they needed and have 10’ high x 80’ long raising curtains to give them that outdoor atmosphere during the nice days. Then during the Winter and wet days the curtains were easily lowered to keep out the harsh elements while still being able to play tennis on a well-lit natural light court.

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