Industry: Agricultural – Dairy Facility
Structure location: Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Structure size: 70’ x 324’ with a 42’ x 48’ T connection
Structure use: 3 Row Free stall Barn Robotic
Customer: Don Clark (Clark Dairy Farm LLC)


Clark Dairy Farm approached us looking for a 3 row dairy barn that would work with Lely Robotic Milkers. The building needed to have 2 groups of 60 free stalls divided for each milking machine. Along with an additional area for 30-35 stalls of dry cows and an extension off the side of the building to house the robots and milk house.


Using Winkler Structures for this project was ideal for several reasons. On a 3 row building with an inside drive through for feeding, the Winkler building 70’ wide works out cheaper per square foot than any post frame building of the same width. The environment of the fabric building is ideal for animal housing. The high arch allows for better air flow and the cover provides optimal natural lighting for the animals. Since Winkler can do tee’d buildings just like a post frame building we were able work with the customer to put the robotic room and milk house off to the side.

“The Winkler Structure works extremely well for animal housing. The high arches allows for maximum airflow and the large spans makes interior layouts of all kinds a breeze, without having to worry about interior posts like with post frame construction.”

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