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How You Can Save with Winkler Structures

Electricity rates are on the rise in Canada. For example, Manitobans can expect an almost 8% increase in 2018 and in Ontario, rate payers are also facing steady increases. While the rates do vary across all the provinces, the National Energy Board of Canada reports that on average, electricity costs have increased faster than the rate of inflation in the last decade with no sign of slowing down.

When undertaking a new construction project and debating the benefits of a fabric building over steel or wood frame structures, one should consider electricity costs. Winkler Structures use NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric to cover the steel frame. This fabric allows for a high light transmission which reduces, and sometimes even eliminates the need for artificial lighting in daytime hours, representing thousands of dollars in cost savings over time. In some cases when lighting is required, the number of bulbs used is dramatically lower than the volume required by a steel or wood building, further reducing your upfront electrician and material costs.

The natural lighting offered by a Winkler Structure also has other benefits, depending on your application. To learn more about how a Winkler Structure can save you on your next electricity bill, contact your Winkler Structures dealer today.


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