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Winkler Structures can provide ideal tennis court facilities for the entire year.

Fabric covered buildings for indoor tennis facilities

Tennis clubs looking to provide more playing space need shelter solutions, like a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures, for facilities that can be used all year long. Winkler Structures constructs premier fabric covered buildings that can be customized to fit the needs of a tennis club.

“Members will love the impressive overhead space that is typical of these fabric covered buildings.”

Invest in an attractive space for indoor tennis clubs

The specialty polyethylene material used for Winkler Structures’ fabric covered building allows a majority of the light to pass through the membrane. Not only does this provide substantial savings when it’s time to pay electricity bills, but it also means tennis enthusiasts can enjoy playing with fellow members in the natural light. Members will love the atmosphere as well as the impressive overhead space and clear span design that is typical of Winkler Structures.

Quality materials make Winkler Structures the ideal choice

What sets Winkler Structures apart from the competition most is the high-quality materials used to construct each building. The NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and high light transmittance. The material also stands up to all the elements, including:

  • Rain
  • Sleet
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Wind

NovaShield is also UV resistant, making it last longer despite constant sun exposure, while also being flame retardant. This is the only polyethylene material to successfully combine these benefits in one membrane.

Also, the fabric passes even the most demanding certification standards in the world, and the structures can be built to abide by any building code.

The Allied Gatorshield steel is another premier material used when constructing clear span buildings. The signature triple layer protection process produces a superior product that is also corrosion resistant. The 99.99 percent pure zinc and a clear organic topcoat seal protects the steel.

When compared to alternative materials, this steel is in a lighter weight tube, but demonstrates up to 33 percent more strength. This material can also easily be welded, flattened, cut and punched without impacting the integrity of the steel. The impressive strength and malleability of the Allied Gatorshield steel makes it ideal for the construction of unique buildings at tennis clubs, gyms and other similar areas. Custom alterations can easily be incorporated into the design and the building can easily be extended if required.

For tennis clubs, this is especially beneficial as court maintenance and upgrades can easily be added when the fabric covered structure is customized with more entryways.

Climate control is key

When a club decides to construct a tennis court, it is critical to have a comfortable environment. A fabric structure from Winkler Structures typically stays 10 to 15 degrees warmer or cooler than the exterior temperature, and additional insulation can be installed.

Also, designers can easily incorporate an HVAC system and add ventilation to maximize the interior comfort on the court.

For tennis club owners looking to invest in a year-round playing facility, be sure to reach out to Winkler Structures today to learn more about premier fabric covered buildings.

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