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Investing in hay storage before the growing season

For farmers who grow grasses and alfalfa, having a hay storage solution for any hay they don’t sell or use is a pressing issue. Purchasing a Winkler Structure ahead of growing season can alleviate worry later in the year.

Get the most out of hay 
To maximize profits and use of each and every cut, farmers must store bales properly. According to Beef Magazine, individuals typically invest between $10 to $15 in each round bale from expenses associated with equipment, labor and time. Oftentimes, having stored hay for long winters can save farmers a great deal as nutritional needs are the most substantial expense for livestock during the winter months.

“If you can cut your hay losses by 20 percent just by storing it properly, you can dramatically affect the bottom line,” said Dave Sanson, a cattle nutritionist at Louisiana State University.

“The NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric also uses an advanced UV protective coating.”

For farmers who want to sell excess hay and alfalfa, keeping it stored appropriately during price fluctuations can help them get the most money for their product.


Turn to Winkler Structures  
A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures provides farmers with affordable and appropriate storage. With incredible climate control, these clear span structures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the hot summer sun. In addition, designers ensure the interior is properly ventilated and keeps rain and dampness out.

The specialty polyethylene material stands up to everything from rain to snow. The NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric uses an advanced UV protective coating, so farmers don’t need to worry about extensive sun exposure deteriorating the fabric covered building and spoiling hay.

Accessibility is key 
Hay storage sites should be easy to regularly check to ensure there is plenty of airflow and drainage. A customized fabric covered building from Winkler Structures can be designed for easy accessibility. With plenty of overhead space, farmers can also maneuver heavy machinery inside and stack or adjust large round bales of hay. Buildings can be designed as open ended, or utilize a variety of door options.

With a Winkler Structure onsite, hay producers can rest easy knowing they have storage ready and waiting once it comes time to bale. Financing your Winkler Structure is also a way to save on up front costs and can bring predictability to bill payments.

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